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Journalling Tips by Rachael Lynn

  • Journaling is the act of bringing your thoughts out – either to simply be dumped and never read again (like a clearing) or to be observed and reflected on.
  • You can use pen and paper, rant into a voice note on your phone, or record a video no one will ever see but you.
  • Journaling is limitless. Only WE hold ourselves back from writing the thoughts in our minds and hearts onto the paper. 
  • When we can push through that resistance, the thought that, “I can’t say that, not even to myself” – you allow yourself to admit feelings you’ve been holding in. Sometimes for years.
  • You can create journal prompts to help you work through any situation, pattern, or desire you’re experiencing. 

Is there a particular area of your life you’d like to focus on? Start with some version of the following if you get stuck:

  1. To uncover your current feelings: Right now I feel ____ about this
  2. To uncover some of your current insecurities or limiting beliefs: People who have this part of their life figured out make me feel _____
  3. To uncover what you’d like to feel: I wish that I could/was/had _____

You can also read a piece of poetry, listen to a piece of music, view art, and simply pick up a journal and write about how you feel. 

Pick time to get to know YOURSELF as much as you dedicate time to taking care of others. When you build trust and safety within yourself and your own thoughts – you build your resilience to get through all the hard, and joyful, moments of life.

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