We want to create a platform for 1 million courageous women to shine.

Hello and welcome!


Join the confidence and personal brand building platform for women who want more, based in the UAE.


Our team of volunteers leverage wisdom and power of the collective, by making a space for our members to generate content, connections, and experiences that elevate everyone involved.

We are here to help you identify and move towards your perfect positioning, support you to generate content to help you shine, on a platform designed to add value back into the community.

  • Get curious about what it is that makes you, and how it can help you to where you want to be in a coach-led community.
  • Challenge yourself to take steps towards your goal in a safe space with like minded women who have the courage to be vulnerable.
  • Create connections with ambitious females ready to put in the work to help each other succeed.

You deserve more. And we’ll get there together.


A note from the founder:

Athena. This ancient Greek goddess is associated with wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. To me she personifies strength, the opportunity to create oneself, and possessing the gift of knowing what is worth fighting for.

She’s also the namesake of my daughter, Rosie Athena King, my second child.

It was during this pregnancy, in 2019, where I spun out. I had been working many years in the same role, focused intently on fighting to get the promotion I was long overdue. 

A combination of factors and having a singular focus created a situation where, no matter how much personal and professional development and success I achieved, I couldn’t seem to move the needle.

Compounded by the lack of support and workplace burnout, a combination of anxiety and prenatal depression started to interfere with my everyday functioning. I’d never taken a day off sick since moving to the UAE in 2012 (which was probably a problem in itself), and then all of a sudden I found myself unable to get out of bed some days.

In spite of the challenges I trained and certified as a life coach, grew the digital marketing department to seven wonderful people, and worked on getting myself better with the right professional support. 

There were weeks where I was terrified, and weeks where I felt completely empty, but I used what energy I had to just get through.

When Rosie arrived and I took leave from work, everything changed. I was happy. I was relaxed. I had no time for those who didn’t want to use their powers for good, and a desire to bring out the best in each other.

I was ready to make my own stake in the ground and not have my career solely define me. I wanted more. And I wanted every woman to feel like she deserved more too.

Because that is the first step sometimes isn’t it? Knowing that we deserve better in order to start making that happen. 

One day I woke up with a fire in my belly (hello old friend, where had you been?), and I launched the Women Who Want More community. Shortly after, I started to amass a small army of incredible volunteers, which I wasn’t quite ready for, but we set about building value for our community and leveraging the collective knowledge.

Often I find people often put themselves in the bucket of a student or teacher, mentor or mentee. Our argument is, why can’t you be both?

Every woman has something to offer, right now.

Since that morning in Jan 2020 the group has grown and transformed, and will continue to do so until we can work out the best way to harness this excitement from our members, to support them to build their confidence step by step, become their own best advocates and to give back to each other along the way.

We’re looking to unite women who have the courage to be vulnerable, and to create a community who lean in and support each other.

This all takes work; on ourselves, amongst each other. But this noble project, to grow and develop yourself and others is the best investment you will ever make. And that work will never be done.

We will always be women who want more. But now we’d like to welcome you into the fold of our confidence and persona brand building platform and community, Project Athena.

Don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook community to join the conversation. We look forward to seeing you soon,


Lorna King, CPCC

Project Athena founder, connector & content creator

Lorna is a digital brand specialist of ten years, and certified Co-Active coach. She blends her skill sets to support women to unearth insights and build the confidence required to create authentic, and effective communication strategies they can feel good about. 

She’s lived in Abu Dhabi for more than seven years, enjoying a fulfilling career spanning communications and HR departments for various governmental organisations within healthcare, and oil & gas.

After more than a decade of effecting change at a corporate level, and with 1:1 coaching clients (both of which she still enjoys), she resolved to create a platform for 1 million courageous women to shine. Early in 2020, at the cusp of a global event that changed the way we work forever, Project Athena ME was born with the aim to support women to develop a mindset to thrive in any situation.

She loves expanding her network of women who want more in the region. Connect with Lorna on LinkedIn.